High River Handyman Serving High River, Okotoks Alberta and surrounding areas. Offering Residential home repair.

Highwood Handyman in High River Alberta is your local handyman and is someone you can rely on to be skilled, professional, honest and fair priced. 


Highwood Handyman offers many Home improvement Services.

What can you expect?

After a call, a free consultational quote is provided at no charge. An analysis is put in after a first quote as well as               during any repairs to ensure all materials and processes are safe, up to code and done right, the first time.

We can help you enjoy your home, update the outdated, fix the unsafe and replace the broken.

Our main focus is safety and Customer Satisfaction. You won't be dissapointed!


​​ No Job Is Too Small! ​​

  1. Flooring
    Supplies and Installation Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Ceramic Flooring and more!
  2. Electrical
    Electrical wiring, boxes and switches installation, changing light fixtures, installation of Pot lights or lighting and more!
  3. Plumbing
    Leaky Tap, Leaky pipes, Sink or toilet change! and more!
  4. Painting
    Wall Painting, Door painting, Trim painting and more!
  5. Tiles
    Backsplash, Bathroom, Kitchen and more!
  6. Installations
    Wall Mounts, Trim, Lighting and more!
  7. Bathroom
    Painting, Flooring replacements, Caulking, Tap Replacements, toilet, sink & more!
  8. Small Renovations
  9. Windows
    Window Replacement, Insulation
  1. Trim
    Trim replacement, Installations and paint
  2. Insulation
    Basement Insulation, windows and doors
  3. Drywall
    Drywall Removal, Installations
  4. Countertops
    Replacement, finishing
  5. Framing
    Doors, Walls, Rooms, Steps Custom Services
  6. Shelving
    Garage shelving, storage shelving, closest, Laundry room.