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Do It Yourself 

by Highwood Handyman

Do it yourself Projects

Do it yourself projects can sometimes be
easier than you think and simply gratifying.
If you think you can tackle the job, assess your materials and what you may need to buy. Make sure you have everything you need before you start and always put Satefy 1st! If it doesnt feel safe or you get stuck make sure you call an expert!

Indoor/Outdoor Squeaky Door Hinges 

Ever had a squeaky door? You know, the one that embarrases you when company is over OR when you are trying to quietly come in/out OR maybe you have your
own story. Highwood Handyman in High River can help you figure this out on your own.
Remember always wear the reccomended safety gear when using chemicals as well as the right protective gear when using tools. Watch the Video Below on how
you can get rid of that pesky creek sound once and for all! Keep in mind if you
get stuck, Highwood Handyman can assist!